Why Benchmark?

We at Benchmark pride ourselves on rapid response times to a referral and quickly getting the process moving forward.   Through initial discussion with the insurer or their third party provider, an action plan is established.  We then contact the injured  party immediately, if appropriate, to discuss field case management involvement in their claim and the next steps in the process.

 Our goal is to quickly develop a viable treatment plan with the attending physician and injured party.  It is  pertinent that an effective plan is developed that best meets the needs of the injured party.  Our field case management experience permits conversation with the physician and injured party so that an appropriate plan is forged with potential results that are understood by all involved.

In order to effectively manage a claim, we maintain regular contact with all parties involved, in addition to monthly face-to-face meetings with the injured party and medical providers.  We occasionally will attend additional face-to-face meetings if necessary.

As everyone knows, treatment plans change no matter how well designed. Any time changes occur, Benchmark takes the necessary action to redirect the treatment plan in the appropriate direction.  We immediately notify the insurers and their representatives of the changes, detailing the events and actions, permitting a proactive approach.

Benchmark keeps the insurer and their representatives apprised of an injured party's condition/status through up-to-the-minute email updates or phone contact as events unfold  in the claim .      

Services to Meet Your Needs

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Telephonic Case Management

Some claims are less involved and do not require case management face to face meetings.  These claims are handled telephonically and electronically.  A telephonic case manager serves as a liaison between the employer, injured party and medical providers in a claim, facilitating the treatment plan and monitoring the injured party's progress while remaining in contact with the insurer.   Utilization of case management improves the management efficiency of a claim, shortening the recovery period, resulting in an earlier return to work, and providing cost savings. 

Medical Field Case Management

Open communication between parties is the key to quality case management and paramount to a successful case outcome.  Benchmark's success was built on personal contact with all parties involved in a claim.  We personally meet with the injured party at their physician appointments and other medical appointments pertaining to the  claim.  This personal contact establishes a solid working relationship and trust, thereby improving communication between parties.   Benchmark provides a trained and experienced set of eyes and ears at the medical appointments to obtain the necessary information to move the rehabilitation process in a positive direction.

The field case manager obtains  a viable treatment plan from the physician, in conjunction with the injured party and their family, and assists in facilitating the plan through coordination and monitoring of the process.  The field case manager's involvement insures the treatment plan is followed and remains on track, reducing delays and interruptions, and permitting timely changes in the treatment plan as necessary.  The insurer and their representatives remain updated by the field case manager throughout the treatment plan, as events unfold.   Face to face contact with the injured party continues throughout the rehabilitation process as they progress toward a successful  recovery and return to work.

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One-Time Field Case Management Appointment

Occasionally, only a one-time field case management appointment is necessary to get a claim "on track".  The Field Case Manager attends one physician appointment with the injured party in order to determine  the needs in the claim and to obtain an appropriate treatment plan.   This may be the only field-involvement needed in a claim to enable the injured party to resume the rehabilitation process toward recovery and a successful return to work.

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