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Injured Party

How Do I benefit from Field Case Management

  • Assisting  you each Step along the Way during Recovery
  • Available to Answer Questions You May have during the Rehab Process
  • Another Set of Eyes and Ears at Your Doctor Appointments; Educated and Experienced
  • Coordination and Monitoring of Treatment Plan Recommended by Your Doctor
  • Keeping Communication Lines open between all Parties Involved in Your Claim
  • Assisting You toward Goal of Improving Your Condition and a Successful Return to Work
  • Quicker Return to Regular Wages and Activities You Enjoy

What Can I Do to Help Myself through the Rehab Process

  • Open Communication with Field Case Manager and Others Involved
  • Good Attendance at Treatment Sessions and Doctor Appointments
  • Adhering to the Treatment Plan Recommended by Your Doctor
  • Giving Good Effort During Treatment sessions such as Physical Therapy
  • Be Sure that Required Insurance or Workers' Compensation Forms are Completed and Submitted Timely

Helpful Links

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